A Ladysmith man is facing charges in Rusk County Circuit Court after he bit a chunk of skin off of his father’s hand during an argument.

Austin S. Poggensee, 18, has been charged with one count of aggravated battery involving bodily harm and one count of disorderly conduct. Both charges have domestic abuse and domestic abuse assessment modifiers.

If convicted Poggensee could be sentenced to a maximum of $11,200 in fines or six years and three months incarceration or both.

Poggensee appeared in Rusk County Circuit Court on July 7 for an initial appearance hearing. A competency evalution will be ordered and when the report is filed with the court, Poggensee will return to court.

Poggensee has been released on a $1,000 signature bond with the condition that he must not have verbal, physical or abusive contact with his family members.

According to the criminal complaint, on Feb. 25 at 8:22 p.m. law enforcement from the Ladysmith Police department and Rusk County Sheriff’s Office responded to a Ladysmith residence regarding a domestic incident.

Officers made contact with a woman who was crying and said Poggensee had gone crazy and didn’t know what to do with him.

Poggensee told officers he was upset over the way a family member was speaking with him and told officers the family member had allegedly began throwing objects at him and eventually putting him in a choke hold.

The criminal complaint alleges Poggensee was told to go to his room for the night because he had been taking food out of the kitchen, which made him angry. Poggensee swore at the woman and went to his room. Poggensee’s other family members went upstairs and hold him, “that is enough.”

Poggensee allegedly became enraged and began to throw things at a family member and as the family member descended the stairs, Poggensee attempted to push him down the stairs. Poggensee followed the family member to the bedroom and attempted to kick the door in.

Poggense bit the family member on his hand, biting through the skin. Both family members denied ever putting Poggensee in a chokehold.

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