Garrett German

A convicted sex offender scheduled for release will be considered homeless upon being returned to Chippewa County on Nov. 17.

A convicted sex offender scheduled for release in Chippewa County will not have a permanent residence and will be considered homeless upon returning to the area.

Garrett A. German, 30, is scheduled for release by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections on Tuesday, Nov. 17.

German is white, 5'-1" and 192 pounds. He has blue eyes and brown hair with scars on his lower left arm and lower right arm. He has an "SSC" tattoo on his upper left arm.

He was convicted on April 7, 2017, of two counts of possession of child pornography.

In January 2015, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) referred three “CyberTips” — numbered 3593919, 3654072 and 3692234 — to the Wisconsin Department of Justice. In executing a search warrant, police recovered the images associated with CyberTips 3593919 and 3692234, as well as 10 additional images of child pornography.

The image associated with CyberTip 3593919 depicted a female toddler. The image associated with CyberTip 3692234 depicted a young female child, who was approximately five to seven years of age.

The Chippewa County Sex Offender Notification Committee has determined that a Level III notification would be undertaken in regard to German's community placement. He will return to Chippewa County where he is required to live.

At this time the Department of Corrections does not have a permanent address for German and will consider him homeless once released.

German’s conditions of supervision will be prohibit him from any unsupervised contact with minors; no contact with his victims and not to consume drugs. Garrett A. German is restricted from being on the property of any schools, parks or day care centers. Comply with standard sex offender rules/requirements; GPS monitoring; face-to-face contact with Law Enforcement requirement; and a lifetime registrant of WI Sex Offender Registration Program.

German has served the majority of time imposed on him by the courts and will be supervised by the Department of Corrections until Nov. 24, 2024.

In event German is in violation concerning the above restrictions, call law enforcement immediately. The Chippewa County Sheriffs Department at 715-726-7700, the State of Wisconsin Department of Corrections at 715-738-3208 or simply dial 911.

More information may be obtained by visiting the Wisconsin Department of Corrections Sex Registry website at

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