A pick-up truck driver was arrested on suspicion of 4th offense operating while intoxicated after his vehicle struck a Rib Lake School bus near Hawkins.

The Rusk County Sheriff’s Officer issued a press release on Sept. 30 regarding a report of an impaired Glen Flora driver crashing into a school bus.

Charles N. Reisner, 33, was the driver of a truck that crashed into the back of a Rib Lake school bus. At this time no formal charges have been filed however Reisner could be charged with his fourth OWI in Rusk County Circuit Court.

On Sept. 30 a $500 cash bond was set with the conditions Reisner must maintain absolute sobriety.

According to the probable cause statement on Sept. 26 at 8:50 p.m. a Rusk County deputy was dispatched to a crash with property damage on U.S. 8 near Elms Road in Hawkins.

Upon arrival the deputy met with Reisner who was the driver of a truck that crashed into the back of a school bus with 14 occupants, three adults and 11 children. None of the occupants were injured in the crash.

Reisner told the deputy he had been driving eastbound on U.S. 8 when he came upon the school bus that did not have taillights on. Reisner reported he crashed into the school bus because he could not see it, according to the statement. The deputy verified the school bus did have functional taillights at the time of the crash.

The occupants in the school bus informed the deputy they saw Reisner following the school bus since Wis. 73, approximately four miles, until Elms Road. The truck’s high beams were activated before the vehicle accelerated and struck the school bus, according to the probable cause statement.

When asked, Reisner admitted to drinking a couple of beers while driving home from Green Bay and one or two more at his parent’s home near Ingram.

Reisner consented to field sobriety tests and the deputy observed Reisner was impaired. Reisner declined a preliminary breath test and was arrested for his fourth OWI.

A search warrant was obtained for a blood draw.

Reisner has three previous OWI convictions from November 2007, May 2014 and August 2019. At the time of the crash Reisner’s driver’s license was revoked.

In November 2018 forfeitures for possessing open intoxicants in a motor vehicle as a driver and failure of an operator to notify police of an accident were dismissed in Rusk County Circuit Court.

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