A certificate of sufficiency was filed Jan. 7 for the Flambeau School recall petition; setting a date for a recall election to be held on Tuesday, Feb. 19.

Petitioners Sara Baker and Ruth Opachan, collected signatures to force the recall election against Flambeau school board members Sam Stewart and Danielle Zimmer.

The petitions were filed on Dec. 6.

Baker and Opachan were required to obtain a minimum of 398 signatures from qualified electors in the Flambeau School District. According to the certificate of sufficiency, after the careful examination of the recall petition by the Zimmer, who is the recall filing officer, Stewart received 579 qualifying signatures and Zimmer 569.

Challenges by Zimmer and Stewart were filed on Dec. 17 and held claims to the petitions being personal attacks unrelated to the positions Zimmer and Stewart hold on the school board.

The reasons on the statements of intent to circulate the recall petition by Baker and Opachan state the petitioners have lost confidence in Zimmer and Stewart’s abilities to make decisions in the best interests of the taxpayers and students and negatively representing the school. Baker’s reasons for the recall also include believing Stewart is interfering with allowing administration to effectively do their jobs and not governing the school effectively.

Opachan’s additional reasons to recall Zimmer include believing Zimmer is asserting her own personal agenda rather than what is best for the district.

Anyone seeking nominations for the recall election may file a declaration of candidacy and a campaign registration statement by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 22 in the offices of Flambeau School.

If a primary is necessary, the primary shall be held on Feb. 19 and the recall elections shall be held on Tuesday, March 19.

Stewart and Zimmer will be candidates in the recall election and are not required to be nominated.

The school district includes all or parts of the towns of Big Falls, Cedar Rapids, Dewey, Flambeau, Grant, Grow, Hawkins, Lawrence, Marshall, Richland, South Fork, True and Willard. It also includes all or parts of the villages of Conrath, Glen Flora, Hawkins, Ingram, Sheldon and Tony.

The Flambeau School Board scheduled on its Wednesday meeting agenda this week consideration to approve closing of designated municipal polling locations as allowed by state statutes. Consolidating polling sites would help save on the cost of operating recall elections, but it could force voters to travel to other municipalities to cast ballots.

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