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Kaitlyn Schaefer, formerly of Conrath, has published a collection of poetry under the moniker Amorie Poetry. Her writings center on the beauty and wonder of life. Schaefer is a 2011 graduate from Flambeau High School.

Flambeau High School class of 2011 graduate Kaitlyn Schaefer published her first book, a collection of poems, in January 2020 and is living a writing adventure in San Francisco, California.

After high school, following advice from her father to broaden her horizons, Schaefer attended Penn State in Pennsylvania to study political science and anthropology. She returned to Conrath following college and says during that time was uncertain of her future. It was then she began working and honing her writing skills and building a collection of poems.

Schaefer started an Instagram account (@amoriepoetry) and began submitting her work to publishers until she was discovered. 

Schaefer began a writing journal when she was 10 and has continued writing since then. Writing began as a hobby with writing poetic blurbs for as long as she can remember, said Schaefer. When she began, she didn’t allow anyone to see her work.

“I’ve always been more of a private and reserved person so, it wasn’t easy for me to actually put my work out there,” said Schaefer.

Writing under the moniker Amorie Poetry has helped her to write more freely and unabashedly.

Schaefer says her inspiration comes from anything and everything. She enjoys writing about love, life, self-worth and whatever she might be feeling or experiencing. Schaefer said, “it’s never been easy for me to say what I feel, but I’ve always found it easy to write it or sing it.”

Writing has been a release for Schaefer.

During a busy period with work or personal matters when she doesn’t take the time to focus on her surroundings, she does experience writer’s block. “I’ve had spans of one to two months where I didn’t write a single thing because I had so many other things going on,” said Schaefer.

She admits it’s a hard spell to break. But to get through writer’s block, Schaefer will usually find a place to sit peacefully and relax until she can transfer something meaningful to paper.

The title of Schaefer’s book is The Love of Being Alive and, according to her, goes through all of the beauty and wonder of life. Schaefer says she loves life and being alive and the book is a way to show appreciation for those things.

“I hope others will feel the same or find some inspiration from it as well,” said Schaefer.

For those individuals aspiring to be writers, Schaefer says, “that it seems like a big leap when you come from such a small town, but you just have to take the first step. Start somewhere and don’t stop.”

As of now, said Schaefer, she is on her next big adventure living and working in San Francisco. She is working on her next collection of poems, working at a law firm and has the goal of attending law school within the next year or two.

The Love of Being Alive is currently for sale on Amazon and The Local Store in Eau Claire. Schaefer is hoping to schedule speaking events at some point in the near future, possibly this summer, as COVID-19 allows for scheduling dates.

Schaefer is the daughter of Robin Elton, of Marshfield, and Rodney and Lynette Schaefer, of Conrath, and the granddaughter of Harold and Sharon Elton.

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