Ladysmith City Hall

The Ladysmith Common Council is scheduled to vote Monday to confirm the city's acting mayor's appointment of Alan Brandon Christianson to position of city administrator.

Requests for information made to Acting Mayor Allen Hraban were refused. He said he is not at liberty to talk about it, but he did say there was no vote on a recommendation in open session at the most recent All Committees meeting.

"Not that I recall," Al Hraban said when asked if city officials took any action on the administrator search in open session at a Tuesday meeting this week. The city had a Personnel/All Committees meeting scheduled with action slated to go into closed session.

"I can't give out any information. Bye," Al Hraban said before hanging up.

On a followup call to ask who could give information, his wife, Deb Hraban said not to call them again before also hanging up.

On a recent open records request made by the Ladysmith News, city officials said the city received 27 applicants for the pending city administrator vacancy and six were interviewed in a first round of interviews. City officials were scheduled to meet Tuesday, March 24, to decide if more interviews would be needed.

Current City Administrator Al Christianson, Alan Brandon Christianson's father, submitted his retirement, and the city council is seeking his successor.

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I'm all for casting a broad net in seeking out the best fit for a job opening but I can't imagine anyone pouring his heart and soul into this position more than Allan Christianson Jr. He has long been a tireless cheerleader and promoter for not just Ladysmith, but this enter area. He should get this job.

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