A new kindergarten program for 3-year-olds will be added at Our Lady of Sorrows School starting next fall along with several other recently developed offerings.

Parents will be able to choose how many days and how long their child attends the 3K program. It will be offered 5 days a week with a few options for other attendance combination.

Our Lady of Sorrows sent a proposal to the bishop to start a 3-year-old program and wrap-around education program, according to Principal Megan Dieckman.

“I am excited to announce that he approved our proposal,” Dieckman said. “It will be a huge benefit to Rusk County families.”

Parents will have to make the decision on days and times at registration for consistency in programming. Students must be potty trained.

“We are adding the 3K, wrap around and before and after school programs — all new— because there is a need for them in Rusk County,” Dieckman said. “Plus, it benefits OLS school by bringing new students in. We feel that families will get a first hand look at the spiritual, social and educational benefits of OLS and want to keep their children at our school through eighth grade.

The new 3K program is reserved for OLS students only. It will be added to existing and expanding programs next year at OLS.

The school’s already-existing 4K program that currently runs four full days per week, Mondays to Thursdays, will be offered five days per week. This program will be offered to all OLS families and public school students from 4K-eighth grade.

There will be before and after school offerings with structured activities and homework assistance from 7-8 a.m. and 3:30-5:30 p.m. with possible outdoor time.

Wrap around services will be offered between 7 a.m.-5:30 p.m. This service includes days that OLS and the public school have off. It will be open to students in 4K-8th grade and 3K OLS students.

“The wrap-around program means that we offer services five full days a week to 3K and 4K families. Plus, we will run the program for 3K-eighth grade students when school is not in session. This gives families a safe, structured and educational setting for their children when their is no school. We will open this service up to the public school families from 4K to eighth grade if space allows,” Dieckman said.

OLS will try very hard to keep the same calendar as Ladysmith public schools, according to Dieckman.

Breakfast, lunch and snack will be served for the 3K and 4K program and Wrap Around Service days.

Costs may change a little by next fall 2020, according to Dieckman.

3K and Wrap Around Service days will cost $15 for half-day and $25 for full-day. Before and After School Service will be $5 an hour. 4K will continue to be tuition based.

The 3K program will be capped at 12 students, but it is already filling up fast, according to Dieckman.She added a waiting list will be created if necessary.

“We want to keep our class sizes small because we feel it is best for students,” Dieckman said.

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