Three Flambeau math teachers, Kelly Hruby, Zenny Mahun and Jessica Olsen, presented a new math curriculum to the school board on Wednesday, April 20 that helps students meet expectations and require them to show their work to demonstrate the process. 

The new curriculum gives access to students and parents to online lesson tutorials. The online lesson tutorials are dynamic, according to Mahun, because it presents different ways of learning lessons to maximize student learning.

Olsen said the new math curriculum would help support math learners on all levels by engaging them with hands on discovery and engaging student with activities.

Flambeau District Administrator Erica Schley asked board members about whether they are seeking for middle school students to be required to earn community service. For younger students, the burden of transporting students to and from volunteer locations lies on the parents, said Schley.

Interventionist Betsy Miller said middle school community service can be done through clubs and other  activities through the school. 

School Board President Julie Hauser said middle school students could be recognized for their contributions for the community service efforts. Board member Joel Taylor agreed with Hauser and added, as an example, students could complete 50 hours and earn a pizza party.

Middle School Teacher Todd Roehl said COVID-19 took away a lot of opportunities for community service but there are still many opportunities available. 

During the public forum, parent Jen Pestel expressed concern for the turnover in staff; she believes kids and staff need more consistency. Pestel also requested a review of pay for coaching be done to ensure the school is attracting and retaining quality coaches. 

During the board member communication, board member Joel Taylor requested a review of technology to improve school bus routes. Placing an antenna or replacing the repeater would help, according to Taylor 

Board member Doug Verdegan requested to return to the discussion of having the meeting minutes in the Ladysmith News. Board member Sara Taylor concurred with Verdegan and added that when the school learned the school was not required by Wisconsin state statute, they stopped placing them in the paper. 

Of having the minutes in the Ladysmith News, school board member Dan Kopacz said, “if we don’t put them in the paper, we have to have a plan.” Kopacz also requested microphones to improve the ability for the community to hear board members.

The next Flambeau school board meeting will be held at 6 p.m., Wednesday, May 18.

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