By Jerilea Hendrick

The Public Service Commission delayed the completion of the new Bruce Village Shop by 42 days and the new completion date is scheduled to be Oct. 3.

During the June 3 Bruce Village board meeting, village trustees discussed updates to the construction of the new Bruce Village Shop. Demolition of the old shop began on Friday, June 7 as scheduled.

The project is expected to be completed by this fall and is estimated to take 120 days to complete. The completion was delayed by 42 days by the Public Service Commission due to workload. A change order was approved for the extension of the deadline.

The estimated cost of the new village shop, according to Larry Gotham of Morgan and Parmley, is approximately $875,000 and close to 70 percent of the cost is eligible for the Department of Natural Resources’ Safe Drinking Water Loan Program which allows for principle forgiveness.

The new well house and shop plans have to be in compliance with the Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System program to meet new permit requirements, eliminate groundwater pollution and threats to public health and to correct public water systems not in compliance with drinking water standards.

Approximately $347,686 of the project will come from the DNR in the form of principle forgiveness from the Safe Drinking Water Loan Program. The DNR does allow the grant amount to have a 5 percent contingency variance built in, if change orders do arise.

Of the total cost for the project, about $215,000 is not eligible for the DNR grant funding and will be the responsibility of the village to find funding.

The village has already set aside $110,000 to help fund this project. The village is eligible for a low 1.125 percent interest rate loan for 20 years through the DNR to help finance the remaining portion. A contingency cost of $26,000 is built into the projected and if used, the project will still be within the projected budget.

The next Bruce village board meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Monday, July 1.

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