Downtown street construction, possibly the largest project in Ladysmith in decades, reached an early milestone over the weekend with the reopening of a major north-south route through the city.

Motorists now can travel on W. Second Street S through the Worden Avenue intersection.

The project is progressing, according to Ladysmith Public Works Director Kurt Gorsegner

“They are making some pretty good progress, in my opinion. If this weather holds this week they will really be moving along,” Gorsegner said.

The street portions involved are:

n Eight blocks of Worden Avenue from E. Fourth to W. Fourth streets.

n Three blocks of Fritz Avenue from W. Second Street to W. Fifth  Street.

n Four blocks of Summit Avenue from W. Fifth Street to W. Ninth Street at Wis. 27.

A significant amount of progress has been made along Worden Avenue since last week, according to Zech Gotham, a planning engineer with the Ladysmith company Morgan & Parmley.

The Thorpe construction firm, Haas Sons, has been busy working on the replacement of utilities. The sanitary main and watermain have been installed to the west edge of E. Second Street intersection. Water and sewer services have been installed from the west end of the project up to First Street. Storm sewer has been installed from W. Third Street to W. Second Street. The road crew began building the road at the west end of Worden Avenue.

“The W. Second Street intersection was opened back up to traffic on Friday afternoon and it should remain open now till paving occurs,” Gotham said in a report to the Ladysmith Common Council.

WE Energies has moved onto Fritz Avenue from Worden Avenue to replace the gas main along the southern edge of the right of way of Fritz Avenue.

Through on-site meetings and phone conversations Xcel Energy will be replacing the concrete light pole bases along the north side of Worden Avenue due to the poor condition that the concrete bases were found to be in this spring. Several of the bases had experienced heaving.

The light poles have been removed and the old concrete bases removed from the west end of Worden to W. Second Street to date. Some time this week the remainder of the poles and bases will be removed. Prior to installation of curb and gutter new light pole bases will be installed.

The tentative schedule for the week of May 13 for work on Worden Avenue is as follows:

Monday, May 13 — Remove pulverized asphalt and open up E. Second Street intersection to install utilities going to the east. Continue with building the road from W. Third street to W. Second Street

Tuesday, May 14 — Finish installation of water and sanitary in E. Second Street intersection. Take first water sample for watermain from E, Second Street to First Street on Worden Avenue. Continue with building the road from W. Third Street to W. Second Street.

Wednesday, May 15 — Take second water sample for watermain from E. Second Street to First Street on Worden Avenue. Install sanitary main towards E. Third Street. Install watermain towards E. Third Street

Thursday, May 16 — Tie watermain into existing watermain at First Street. Finish storm sewer east edge of W. Second Street intersection.  If two safe samples are collected on Monday and Tuesday, water and sewer service will be installed beginning at First Street and progressing east to E. Second Street

Friday, May 17 — Complete road work on W. Second Street and progress east with road work. Finish any remaining water and sanitary services west of E. Second Street. Possibly begin replacing sanitary sewer east of E. Third Street.

“Please keep in mind that this is a construction project and the schedule list here for the week of May 13th is tentative and weather dependent,” Gotham said. “This tentative schedule is also dependent on the collection of two safe samples on Tuesday and Wednesday. If a delay in acquiring safe samples occurs the schedule will be reworked.”

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