Aaron Simpson


The Rusk County Sheriff’s Department issued a press release for a registered sex offender to be released Sept. 29 in the village of Bruce.

Aaron E. Simpson, 42, remains under the close supervision of local probation agents and is restricted geographically by electronic monitoring equipment.

Simpson is required to follow specific and detailed rules prescribed by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections and cannot have unsupervised contact with minors, no contact with his previous victims, cannot use illegal narcotics and must abide by his lifetime registration with the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry Program.

In Taylor County Circuit Court on Sept. 2, 1997 Simpson was found guilty of one felony count of first-degree sexual assault of a 12-year old child. At the time, Simpson was sentenced to five years probation; however, in 2000 he returned to court and was sentenced to 12 years in Wisconsin prison.

In Rusk County Circuit Court on March 16, 2010 Simpson was found guilty of two felony counts of third degree sexual assault of a 16-year old girl. In this case, Simpson’s charges were amended from one felony count of repeated sexual assault of same child (few than three violation of first degree sexual assault) and one felony count of second-degree sexual assault of a child.

In the Rusk County Circuit Court case, according to the criminal complaint, on July 14, 2008 Simpson received a letter from a 16-year old girl indicating she was pregnant with his child. A Rusk County investigator spoke with the girl and Simpson who both denied any kind of relationship with each other.

Two months later the girl gave birth to a child and in January 2009 a buccal swap was collected from the girl, Simpson and the child. It was determined Simpson was the father of the child. Family members of the girl came told the investigator that Simpson and the girl had engaged in a relationship over a period of several months.

In the Rusk County Circuit Court case, Simpson served three years incarceration and four years extended supervision on each charge running concurrent to each other.

Simpson is described as a right handed male with brown hair and eyes, five feet and eight inches in height and weighing 170 pounds. Simpson will be residing at 711 N. Third St., Bruce.

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