Drawing names

A tie vote for Ladysmith city alderman on Election Night was broken by drawing the name of the eventual winner, Jim West defeating incumbent John Kenyon.

Voters headed to the polls Tuesday to cast ballots in the 2021 Spring Election, deciding races at the state and local levels.

The race for the Ladysmith Common Council district 5 seat between incumbent John Kenyon and challenger Jim West ended deadlocked at 39-39, with a tie-breaker handing the victory to West.

State elections officials advised local poll leaders to break the tie with the candidates present by tossing a coin or drawing names. West and Kenyon agreed to a name draw.

Afterward they shook hands and went on their way, according to City Clerk Shari Kavanagh. She did not expect a challenge.

“We’ve never had a tie before,” Kavanagh said.

There were three write-in votes for this race and one ballot without a vote. The decision marks the first election victory for West, who has come close in several past races for council and mayor but never on top.

Other city races were uncontested with Mark Platteter receiving 32 votes in District 1, John Pohlman III receiving 40 votes in District 3 and Marty Reynolds receiving 45 votes in District 7.

In the Bruce School District, it appears a referendum question to exceed the revenue limit for five years between the 2021-22 and 2025-26 school years by $400,000 per year for non-recurring purposes consisting of operating expenses was likely to pass. Late unofficial results showed the “yes” vote ahead 385-242, but these totals do not include ballots cast in parts of the school district located in neighboring counties. The new referendum would be a continuation of an expiring referendum. To maintain the current referendum the effect would be about 11.6 cents for every $1,000 of equalized property value. This translates to $8.67 yearly on a $75,000 home, $11.56 yearly on a $100,000 home and $14.45 yearly on a $125,000 home.

Statewide races on the ballot included contests for Wisconsin State Superintendent and the Wisconsin Court of Appeals District III.

As State Superintendent race ballots were being tallied, Jill Underly was the projected winner with 57 percent of votes over Deborah Kerr for a vacancy resulting from the decision by incumbent Carolyn Stanford Taylor to not seek re-election after being appointed to the position in January of 2019.

In the race for Wisconsin Court of Appeals District III Gregory Gill Jr. was the projected winner over Rick Cveykus with about 56 percent of the vote. He will succeed Judge Mark Seidl, who was not seeking re-election.

Watch the Ladysmith News online for continuing election coverage.

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