Cameras will be installed inside a Ladysmith school bus where there have been allegations made about driver discipline of students. This week the driver was removed permanently after a second incident.

There was an incident two weeks ago where a driver had to discipline a student for misbehaving on the bus, according to interim School District Administrator Mike Cox.

A student filmed the incident on a cell phone and sent it out on Facebook. The video has since been taken down.

“The bus owner, principal and I all watched the video that was of very poor quality and could not see much of anything other than a good talking to by the driver and picking up the child from the floor and putting them in the seat,” Cox said in an email. “After going on Facebook it kind of got out of hand.”

The driver was removed from the route for a week and things settled down, according to Cox. However, when the driver was returned to the route last Monday similar issues arose, he said.

“I have talked to many of the parents to explain the situation and to ease their fear that the bus is somehow unsafe,” Cox said.

Cameras will be put on this bus to monitor students and driver as soon as possible.

Law enforcement was contacted by a parent, but no ticket was issued after an officer met with a parent and a teen-age student.

An officer advised the parent this appears to be an issue that should be addressed with school officials.

The parent asked for the incident to be logged with law enforcement.

“Things seemed to be working fine by the end of last week,” Cox said.

However, following an incident Monday this week, the driver has been replaced for good, according to Cox.

“The incident was not serious,” Cox said. “The driver violated a warning about yelling and arguing with students, so the driver was relieved of her position. Cameras will be installed on this bus on Friday.”

“I think this will resolve the problem and concerns,” Cox said.

The school district contracts its transportation services to bus companies that are privately owned.

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