Almost done deal

The city of Ladysmith and Marshfield Clinic Health System are nearing completion of a land sale, paving the way for a new Marshfield Medical Center-Ladysmith. Closing on the sale is slated for Friday.

The Ladysmith Common Council voted 7-0, Monday to approve a resolution finalizing the city sale of the proposed location of a new Marshfield Clinic Health System medical center in the city. The 11-acre site is the former Mount Senario College athletic fields in Ladysmith.

The closing on the sale is scheduled to take place this Friday, June 18.

Marshfield Clinic Health has proposed constructing a new two-level medical center along the south side of Port Arthur Road, about a half-mile west of Wis. 27. 

Ground for the new Marshfield Medical Center-Ladysmith is scheduled to be broken this summer with the center to open its doors to patients in the first quarter of 2023.

The approval was the last step required by the title company for the sale to take place

“This is something the title company wanted to have on record prior to closing. I think it is all set to go now,” City Administrator Alan Christianson said. “It is basically a resolution reaffirming what the council has already voted to do, and that is to sell the property to Marshfield Medical Center to build a new medical complex.”

The new MMC-Ladysmith will include approximately 75,000 square feet of departmental areas and, with circulation and support spaces, approximately 98,000 gross square feet. This modern two-story facility will include space for the Critical Access Hospital and medical offices for local physicians, visiting Marshfield Clinic Health specialists and other healthcare providers.

The new medical center will feature three access drives off Port Arthur Road, two for visitors and patients with a separate third more westerly access for loading and service deliveries. There are 174 total parking spaces with 90 stalls at the upper north half of the site serving visitors and patients and 84 stalls in the lower southeast portion of the site serving the clinic, staff, visitors and patients. It is projected three-fourths of site visitors will use the upper level for the clinic or therapy services.

There will be covered-canopy dropoff locations from the front of the building near the north parking area along Port Arthur Road and from the lower southeast lot.

The design will feature vertical design elements connecting the interior with the woods outside with plenty windows allowing in natural light and views of the river.

The hospital currently offers 185-plus jobs. The new medical center might offer slightly more, but how many more has not been specified.

“Locating the new facility in Ladysmith will keep these jobs in the community and will ensure continuation of economic benefits to the broader community. Additionally, people from the surrounding counties and communities will travel to Ladysmith to seek care at the campus,” Marshfield Medical Center-Ladysmith Chief Administrative Officer Jeff Euclide said.

It will offer improved convenience to patients and visitors and enhanced patient and staff experience. It will leverage technology to enhance care options. It will also provide multi-use space functionality, improved communication between staff to facilitate patient needs and systems/processes that foster staff security.

Registration locations will balance patient convenience, privacy for patients and regulatory requirements. There will be sufficient support spaces to enhance patient treatment and minimize staff circulation. Separate public and staff circulation paths will be designed to enhance the patient’s experience by decreasing the “traffic” otherwise common in healthcare settings

There will be flexibility to meet community needs, including a design that allows for future programmatic changes, growth and expansion. The facility will also be aligned with topography and the natural beauty of the Flambeau River. Public spaces will be designed to facilitate interaction with and use by the community.

The facility will feature 11 all-purpose patient rooms to serve in-patients, five prep and recovery rooms for same-day surgery and seven infusion rooms.

There will be medical offices for the Rural Health Clinic, primary care providers, visiting MCHS specialists and non-MCHS providers

Also included will be two operating rooms with one shelled for future expansion of surgery services, one procedure room for endoscopy and minor procedures and a lab

Imaging services will include  MRI, CT, X-Ray, ultrasound, mammography and bone densitometry.

The facility also will include diagnostic and treatment spaces and an emergency department with two trauma bays and five treatment bays. Also included is a 2-vehicle ambulance bay and a helicopter-pad.

Urgent Care will be co-located with the emergency department on weekends and after hours on weekdays.

The site also will feature rehab services, physical therapy, cardiac rehab, occupational therapy, speech therapy, audiology, an MCHS retail pharmacy, MCHS retail optical and conference and education center. There will also be a food service area for patients, staff, and visitors and spaces for facilities management, materials management and environmental services.


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