The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) and stakeholder partners are reviewing the 1,596 eligible grant applications submitted for the Multimodal Local Supplement program. The total project value of the applications is $1,466,370,391.

Ladysmith has requested funds for several projects. These include city applications for Barnett Road for $263,172, Gustafson Road for $333,408 and Flambeau Avenue for $320,056.

The requested amounts are engineer estimates of surface reconstruction of Barnett Road between Doughty and Gustafson roads, Gustafson Road between Doughty and Barnett roads and Flambeau Avenue between Wis. 27 to E. Second Street N. Flambeau Ave is a joint application with the Town of Flambeau.

Sewer and water utility work is not eligible for MLS grant funding.

This week, city officials at the Ladysmith council All Committees meeting voted 5-1 to approve $475 for Morgan & Parmley to prepare an MLS application for Barnett and Gustafson roads and $1,045 for similar application work on Flambeau Avenue.

The work includes storm sewer, concrete culverts for heavy truck traffic, pulverizing, raising and ditching are included.

Also, Monday, city officials at the All Committees meeting voted 5-1 to approve a $4,068 Morgan & Parmley invoice for design work done on Barnett and Gustafson roads.

“This is all about economic development,” says Governor Tony Evers. “The first and last mile in our transportation system is vital for our continuing success, yet local governments have struggled with funding for transportation projects for years.”

“This process truly demonstrates the significant needs of the local system,” says WisDOT Secretary-designee Craig Thompson. “It’s pretty staggering when you see the actual number of projects and their dollar value.”

Applications being reviewed include:

n 105 applications from counties with a total project value of $225 million.

n 461 applications from cities and villages with a total project value of $674 million.

n 1,030 applications from towns with a total project value of $568 million.

The one-time $75 million funding program enables local communities to prioritize projects and submit them for funding consideration. This includes road, bridge, harbor, transit, bicycle accommodation and railroad projects. The program will pay up to 90% of total eligible costs with local governments providing the balance.

Three separate committees will score the applications. Projects will rate higher if they demonstrate economic impact, provide greater connectivity or are shown to have greater cost-effectiveness than other options. Committees are expected to meet at the end of January.

Recipients and award amounts are expected to be announced the end of February.

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