The Rusk County Sheriff’s Office distributed a press release on Thursday, June 20 for the release of a convicted sex offender, Johnny R. Rogers, 28, who will be residing in the town of Grant.

In 2005 in Richland County Circuit Court, Rogers was convicted of one felony count of second degree sexual assault with the use of force, one felony count of burglary of a building or dwelling as a party to a crime and three felony counts of prisoner throwing or expelling bodily substances.

Rogers was sentenced to serve five years in prison and 15 years extended supervision. Rogers is a lifetime registered sex offender and must seek permission from his probation and parole officer before entering into any dating relationship, according to the press release.

Later, while in custody in Wisconsin Resource Center in 2007, Rogers was found not guilty due to mental disease or defect in Columbia County Circuit Court of one felony count of battery by prisoners.

According to the criminal complaint, on Sept. 19, 2004 a Richland County deputy was dispatched to the Richland Hospital for a sexual assault complaint. The adult female victim was interviewed by the deputy about the incident after completing a rape evidence collection kit.

The victim stated she was awakened by her dog at approximately 2:30 a.m. and when she went down to investigate. She could see someone had partially opened the door. After calling out, Rogers opened the door fully and told her there was something wrong with her husband.

At the time of the incident, Rogers was a resident in a group home where the victim’s husband worked the night shift. According to the criminal complaint, Rogers and the victim had met on one previous occasion.

Concerned, she called the group home and while speaking to her husband, Rogers allegedly tore the phone cord out of the wall. Rogers then grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the residence and onto the porch entryway.

The victim reported Rogers handcuffed her left arm as she started to scream and one point put his hand over her mouth. Rogers threatened to break her neck.

According to the criminal complaint, Rogers forced his victim to have inappropriate sexual relations while his hands were around her neck. Rogers abruptly left the residence after the incident.

Further interviews revealed Rogers left the group home in the victim’s husband’s vehicle and had taken the husband’s wallet and identification cards.

At the time of the incident, Rogers was on active bond on four open cases in Richland County Circuit Court.

While Rogers was being held in Richland County Jail for this incident, deputies were called to assist in a disturbance cause by Rogers who had, on three separate occasions, spit on deputies.

Rogers is described as a white, right handed male weighing approximately 170 pounds and is 6’4” tall with brown hair and blue eyes. Rogers resides at W7518 Old Airport Road, Ladysmith.

According to the press release, Rogers remains under close supervision of local probation agents and is required to wear an electronic monitoring GPS devise to monitor his geographical location.

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