A Sheldon man has been charged with his third OWI in Rusk County Circuit Court following a traffic stop.

Troy A. Wry, has been charged with one count of third offense of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence and one count of third offense of operating with prohibited alcohol concentration. If convicted, Wry could be sentenced to a maximum punishment of two years incarceration or $4,000 in fines or both. He also risks loosing his driving privileges for three years. 

Wry appeared in Rusk County Circuit Court on Tuesday, March 30 for a review hearing. Wry has been released on a $3,000 signature bond stipulating he must maintain absolute sobriety.

According to the criminal complaint, at 11:35 p.m., Oct. 2 a Rusk County deputy was dispatched to the W9000 block of Broken Arrow Road for a suspicious vehicle.

The caller reported that a man, approximately 60 years old, had driven into his driveway and when told to leave, left. A short while later the car returned and then left again.

While traveling to the caller’s residence, a dark colored Ford matching the description of the caller passed the squad vehicle. The deputy turned around to follow the vehicle and noticed it swerve multiple times. The vehicle allegedly narrowly missed mailboxes.

The vehicle turned south onto Wis. 27 and into Chippewa County; the deputy stopped following the vehicle. A records check of the vehicle indicated that the driver lived in Sheldon so the deputy backtracked to County VV where he located the vehicle.

The deputy conducted a traffic stop and made contact with the driver, Wry, who said he was coming home from a bar. Wry admitted he had had a couple of drinks and had stopped drinking one hour prior.

Wry consented to performing field sobriety tests where he stepped off the line, raised his hands for balance and swayed, according to the criminal complaint.

Wry failed a preliminary breath test and transported to Marshfield Medical Center – Ladysmith for an evidentiary chemical test of his blood.

At the time of the incident, Wry’s blood alcohol content was .208.

Wry’s previous convictions include one charge in July 2000 in Taylor County Circuit Court and one in October 2010 in Rusk County Circuit Court.

Wry will return to Rusk County Circuit County on May 17 for a motion hearing.

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