A second major intersection in was expected to reopen to through-traffic this week as reconstruction of Worden Avenue progresses eastward.

Last week, W. Second Street at Worden Avenue reopened after underground sewer, water and stormwater services were installed. First Street was scheduled to be reopened  this week Tuesday.

“The road crew essentially has the road 90 percent done up to First Street and he was hoping to have the First Street intersection graveled by the end of the day on Monday this week,” said Zech Gotham, an engineer with the Ladysmith engineering firm, Morgan & Parmley. “The road gravel is within a few inches on the full length from the railroad tracks to First Street.

Storm sewer also is now installed along the entire length of Worden Avenue from the railroad tracks almost to E. Second Street, according to Gotham.

A safe water sample was taken, allowing water and sewer service connections between E. Second and E. Third streets, Gotham told city leaders Monday at the Ladysmith All Committees meeting.

Last Friday road crews pulverized  the remaining portion of Worden Avenue on the east end, Fritz on the west end, all of Summit Avenue and the 400 feet of W. Fifth Street south of Summit. This opens up these roadbeds to planned reconstruction.

A major goal for this upcoming 3-day weekend is to keep Summit in the best condition possible now that it is a gravel surface ahead of the Veterans Memorial Association’s planned Memorial Day events.

Gothem is hopeful the last few services can be finished between First and E. Second streets, rebuilding the roadbed up to E. Second Street.

“Maybe by the end of the week you might end up having all three north-south intersections passable. I am not going to guarantee anything because it is supposed to rain,” Gotham said.

A temporary gravel driveway installed off Worden Avenue to help Rusk County Farm Supply during construction is expected to be left in place, as requested by the business. City officials said it could be an extra cost to the project if it was removed.

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