Flambeau District Administrator Erica Schley and small group of others recently met with an Unesco representative to walk through the school building and discuss possible facility updates that could be done to maintain and improve the facility.

At this time the small group of people are exploring a working relationship with Unseco and initial concerns the school has for maintaining the school facility.

No decisions have been made on improvements, however in the future the school could enter into a master agreement for Unesco to provide a more clear and precise plan of projects the school could do. Some of the projects wouldn’t require Unesco’s help like fixing cracks in the concrete floors or some of the flooring projects.

The meeting also gave the group an idea on the life expectancy of various improvements.

Entering into a master agreement would not force the school to make the improvements or only use Unesco as the company to make the improvements.

Schley suggested to the board to begin holding a school board work session to continue the discussion on building maintenance and to identify where the focus should be on improvements.

School board member Doug Verdegan attended the meeting with Unesco and said the school would need the company’s help with improvements to the parking lot improvements. Verdegan said the Unesco representative did have some good suggestions and entering into a master agreement would still allow the school to pick and choose where updates could be made.

Having a plan on possible updates would allow the school to identify what improvements could be made each year without needing a referendum and allow the school to more easily manage the improvements.

In other news, Flambeau Robotics Club advisor Bobbie Bruce and several club members provided a demonstration of their programmed and designed vehicle. The club is in its second year and has focuses on teamwork, technology, communication and competition.

Club members demonstrated how they program a robot with a series of commands the robot will be able to follow to accomplish certain goals. In a live competition, the team earns or looses points based on how well the robot carries out the commands.

Athletic Trainer Jon Ekhoff was featured in the citizen spotlight during the school board meeting for his focus on prevention, treatment and education.

The next Flambeau school board meeting will be held Wednesday, Jan. 15.

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