The county board made a motion to approve the $344,350 purchase of Spillman Flex to update the communications and records software for county emergency services in the May 22 Rusk County board meeting.

The board approved securing a loan through the State Trust Fund at 4.25 percent interest to fund the update in software. The cost of Spillman Flex includes the software, training, program updates and a pre-paid five-year maintenance contract.

Currently, 33 of 72 counties employ Spillman Flex as their communication and records software provider. Spillman Flex is a computer aided dispatch records management software company owned by Motorola.

Joining these other counties will allow the county to have access to greater, more immediate information. If a suspect has a record, charge or other legal connection to another county that uses Spillman Flex, deputies will be able to connect to the suspect’s information.

All of the emergency services offices in the counties surrounding the county employ Spillman Flex. When the county goes live with Spillman Flex, deputies will be able to connect and search for individuals in nearby counties if needed and have the information within seconds.

Spillman Flex provides a financially stronger and lasting foundation of support over the now obsolete Tri-tech company that the county is replacing. Spillman Flex has been used in Wisconsin for 26 years. The company provides more than 105 technical support representatives to keep information current and provide support to their users. Under the maintenance contract, any updates and upgrades to the system are included with no extra costs.

It will take approximately 10-12 months from signing the contract to when the system goes live. Once the system goes live, the county will not be required to make any payments until the seventh year when annual maintenance payments begin.                                                                           

At the start of the meeting, Rusk County Administrative Coordinator, Ted East, announced his retirement and thanked the county for the opportunity to have served the community.

Board supervisors thanked East for his valuable work with the county to make it stronger, more organized and for his ability to help the county accomplish more things. Board supervisor Mike Hraban spoke of East’s organization saying ‘his ability to get things done equated to saving money for the county.”

Supervisor Phil Schneider said that at first he was “reluctant to add the position for the county but as a result the county board is stronger, and more things get done.”

The board created an ad hoc committee to appoint a new administrator coordinator when East retires July 6. The ad hoc committee will consist of County Board Chair Dave Willingham, Supervisors Mike Hraban, Kathy Vacho, Finance Committee Chair Randy Tatur, Property Committee Chair Tony Hauser and Personnel Committee Chair Tom Hanson.

The next Rusk County board meeting is at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 26.

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