Ladysmith Middle and High School continue to provide education and support for students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“[We are] committed to continuing the education of each of our students and ensuring their progress toward graduation. The administration and staff are working to keep things as normal as possible under the circumstances and staying within school and district policies and expectations.”

School staff are providing learning primarily through Google Classroom. Teachers have re-created their classes in this online format. This format allows students access to their education through a variety of means.

n Each teacher has office hours each day during which students may contact their teacher by phone, email or a virtual meeting, either individually or in a group, to get assistance with their work. 

nTeachers are posting instruction, daily or weekly, through either videos they have created or shared links to a variety of other resources. 

nSome teachers are meeting with whole classes or large groups to provide instruction in the virtual classroom in real time. 

nStudents have some flexibility to do work at the time that works best for each of them. Teachers have been asked to be flexible with deadlines and assignments in order to accommodate the needs of students. 

“We understand some students have been asked to take on additional responsibilities, such as caring for younger siblings, during this time of crisis,” Posewitz said. “We are working with those students to ensure they are able to continue their education.”

nGuidance counselors have set up a Google Classroom in order to communicate with students and share information. Posewitz is sharing a video each week to highlight any information directly with students. Emails and Facebook are also being used to communicate with parents. 

nAdministration is available to students and parents to answer questions or address concerns that arise throughout this difficult time. 

nGuidance counselors are monitoring progress of students, especially seniors, as they work toward achieving credits for high school graduation and moving on to the next courses in the various sequences. 

“While we are not allowed to have students in the building, we have worked to increase the availability of using the school Internet. A signal can be picked up in the parking area between the cafeteria and playground. While this may not be the most ideal learning environment, we must be creative while promoting social distancing,” Posewitz said.

nStudents are continuing in all of the classes that they were enrolled in at the time of the school closure, according to Posewitz.

nTeachers are continuing to assess assignments and provide feedback to students, just as they would in the traditional classroom. Assessments are being graded. Letter grades will be earned and posted at the end of the quarter. 

nFor students where doing classes online is not an option, teachers are distributing and collecting printed materials each Monday in the school’s main lobby. Pick-up/drop-off times are 6-8 a.m., 11 a.m.-1 p.m. or 4-6 p.m. Any student or parent who is not already doing this and needs this option should call the office. 

“I understand that this is a very challenging time for everyone,” Posewitz said. “This has created tremendous frustration and anxiety for some of our students. Safety is our first concern, along with the social-emotional well being of all our students.”

School staff will continue to support the education and academic growth of students while doing everything possible to support them, according to Posewitz.

“It is important that we continue the education of our students to prepare them for their future- the next class, the next grade, or for our upcoming graduates, post-secondary education, military, work,” Posewitz said.

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