Honoring graduating seniors this year is posing some challenges on schools and families. Bruce High School has found a way to proudly honor their graduates, offering them a high waiving salute.

Graduation ceremonies are firmly rooted in tradition, ceremony and achievement. Celebrating those achievements is the cornerstone of moving onto the next stage of life. The coronavirus has created challenges for schools trying to honor their traditions and hard working graduates.

Over the last few days, banners with the face and name of each of the 29 graduates have been hung up along N. Main Street leading to Bruce School.

Principal Larry Villiard shared the idea with District Administrator Pat Sturzl and then ordered the banners for the students. Villiard and Sturzl each hung the banners between Thursday, April 30 and Tuesday, May 3. 

“We feel it is a great way to recognize the Bruce seniors because so many of their senior events have been cancelled,” said Sturzl.  At this time it hasn’t been decided how long the banners will be displayed; however, the seniors will eventually receive their own banner.

“I think having their banners up on Main Street for all the community to see is a great way to give them some very due recognition,” said Villiard.

According to Sturzl, the banners were paid for with funds from an activity account and funds for senior awards. The 2020 seniors will receive one more item upon graduation.

Schools across the country are finding creative ways to honor and recognize their graduates this year due to Safer at Home orders and COVID-19.

As for graduation, the school is still working on a plan. Sturzl said, “there are a couple of ideas but we have nothing official until we are given some guidance on a gathering for a graduation event.”

In the face of so much change, with graduation and many of the other events seniors experience having been cancelled, Villiard said, “it’s a big challenge and such a disappointment for our seniors to miss so much of their final year of high school.”

Having these banners is a way for Bruce School to recognize the many years of hard work their seniors accomplished.

Villiard said that even while the banners were being put up, many community members gave praise. 

The brackets holding the banners will be saved, hopefully these banners will start a new graduation tradition at Bruce High School.

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