The Falcon Jump Start Program will be held Aug. 27 to 29 at the Flambeau schools and will be a way for teachers to begin the upcoming school year with setting expectations, building classroom morale and arm the students to let them hit the ground running.

The Flambeau school board meeting was held Monday, July 29 and school administrators and school board members discussed the Falcon Jump Start Program.

While not mandatory, the three days will allow teachers to set classroom expectations without the pressure of also covering class material. Getting these more formal tasks out of the way before school officially starts on Tuesday, Sept. 3, according to District Administrator Erica Schley, allows teachers to begin teaching earlier.

No homework will be assigned and registration is not required for the Falcon Jump Start Program. School buses will be running and breakfast and lunch will be available to students for free.

Schley said teachers will be able to build community and classroom morale with ice breaker activities.

Schley encourages all students to take advantage of the Falcon Jump Start Program. The three days are an important source of funding for the school district. Because school cannot officially start before Labor Day, the three days are considered summer school.

In other news, juniors Shyla Applebee, Abby Bratanich and Sophie Hauser and Wildlife Restoration Association representative Jerry Carow were featured under the student spotlight for their participation in the 2019 Environmental Challenge Summer School program.

The students shared their experiences with the program and the skills they learned in different clean up projects around the county. Carow said, “there’s nothing they can’t do.” The program, said Carow, teaches personal responsibility, social responsibility and allows youth to understand that they can build something.

Returning from Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands with their classmates, Mya Baselt and Katie Zimmer shared their experiences of immersing themselves in the Spanish speaking culture. While on the class trip, Baselt and Zimmer experienced the wildlife of the Galapagos Islands, volcanoes, science at the equator and developing their conversation Spanish.

The next Flambeau school board meeting will be held at on Aug. 21.

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