Bruce School’s administration and school board members work to stay positive and focused on going above and beyond during class suspension.

Classwork and meals are being dropped off daily on the school’s six school bus routes. The school prepares 336 lunches and breakfasts for students, according to Carrie Wessman, Director of Instruction.

Over 90 families have been provided with a Chromebook to complete classwork. Families with multiple children are balancing computer time and using packets to bridge education time.

For younger students, packets are completed each week. In grades three through five teachers begin incorporating more online resources like group emails, SeeSaw, Flipgrid and other apps. High school students are completing most course work completely online and receive pass or fail grades for their work.

School board members approved waiving elective courses for current seniors only. High School Principal Larry Villiard said, “the seniors are sitting strong.” Waiving these courses will allow students to focus their attention on the mandatory courses needed for graduation. 

School District Administrator Pat Sturzl said most schools are offering pass or fail options for classes. State required classes and grades cannot be waived.

During this time, staff hold virtual meetings weekly to share ideas and stay connected.

Villiard is seeking input from seniors for graduation. Currently the school is awaiting direction from Wisconsin State leaders as they discuss the next steps in the coronavirus outbreak and make a plan to return to normal. “We have to do something for these kids. It’s heartbreaking,” said Villiard.

Villiard said everyone is making the best of an unpleasant situation.

Sturzl said, “for now, summer school is on hold as the school seeks guidance on chances of holding summer school this year.”

In speaking of the positives in this situation, Sturzl said, “everyone is going above and beyond and doing an outstanding job. We’ve all learned from this, but we didn’t want to learn this way.” Many teachers are learning about online resources and educational apps they hadn’t previously utilitized.

School board members approved paying spring coaches $75 per day up to five days for the work they did up to the COVID-19 closure. 

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