This last weekend offered something for everyone from the dedication of the new Lions Legacy Theater dedication to the Sheldon Community Fair. There were many more celebrations going on including the Rusk County Dairy Breakfast, Log Cabin Day and Northwoods Bluegrass Festival.

Not to be left out, Rusk County Memorial Hospital marked its centennial in the city. Awesome all the way around.

If a person couldn’t find something fun to do for a good cause last weekend, they didn’t look hard enough. Good places to start the search for finding stuff to do every summer are your local newspaper and radio station. Most organizers actively promote their events so the public can plan where to go and what to do each weekend.

Money spent locally is more likely to stay here, circulating through the hands of friends and neighbors, and helping those you know. Research shows about 60 cents of each dollar remains circulating in the community where it is spent. This spending ripples through local businesses, benefitting many people many times  over.

Among all the major community festivals in the months ahead will be a myriad of other events. These also offer fun, socializing and festive activities held to support great causes.

Festivals also offer a host of economic and social benefits to communities. Well-run events promote goodwill and great word-of-mouth advertising about a community. They stimulate the growth of tourism and other area businesses. Off-site spending related to festivals generates revenue for communities, too. For example, visitors stop at local gas stations, souvenir shops, overnight lodges, restaurants and other places.

Festivals also serve as free marketing and advertising as visitors talk about their fun experiences upon returning home. These visitors may post comments and photos about their experiences on Facebook, Twitter or other social media for their friends to see. It might be something as simple as telling a neighbor, friend or co-worker about a great time that leads others to schedule a trip. The economic benefits of successful festivals ripple throughout a local economy, affecting tourism and non-tourism businesses.

Memorial Day sometimes is referred to as the start of summer. Festivals are the true start of summer, not June 21 like this month’s calendar says. Festivals and activities are among Rusk County’s best assets, not only in summer but also year-round. You’ll find good food, good fun and plenty of friendly people.

Fire up the grills. Gather the families. Get out and enjoy all the fun the area is serving up this summer. This weekend is a good time to start.

Ladysmith News editorials are written by news staff.

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