We hear comments, often portrayed as news. It’s important to research. Research should include financial support of comments or articles, political motivation, and are there other reliable, uninterested sources. Talk radio, commentaries on CNN, Fox, etc. are mostly opinions. The Russian (Steele) Dossier unproven, was original funded and contracted by Fusion GPS, conservative political website’s Washington Free Beacon, and used by conservatives to find dirt on Trump until Trump was the candidate.

The recently defunct Cambridge Analytica (CA), data mining political consulting firm was started in 2013. The British SCL Group’s off-shoot was partly owned by Robert Mercer’s family, American hedge-fund manager, supporting politically conservative causes. Steve Bannon was CA’s Vice-President. It’s UK CEO, Alexander Nix, stated CA was involved in 44 US political races in 2014. In 2016, CA confirmed working for Trump’s campaign. SCL Group founder’s Oaks, CA’s CEO Nix, and Mercers are from extremely wealthy families, don’t believe in government beyond basically providing military protection. SCL Group calls itself “a global election management agency” and involved with throwing elections by manipulating public opinion. Oaks and Nix, UK aristocratic, hired personnel who studied Hitler’s writings and speeches to use Hitler’s tactic to control his population. They support deregulation, limited social benefits, limited taxes on the wealthy, and heavy spending on military protection. Hitler not only ordered killing of Jews and gypsies. Hitler attacked the Free Press, ordered killing journalists, university professors, priests, ministers, anyone who didn’t support him or Hitler felt were inferior. Hitler needed to provide scapegoats, people or ideas to hate, to rally people on his side.

Real news discloses what an opinion is. Suggestions that provide discussion with both political parties are PBS’ News Hour, Democracy Now, and others, Sunday morning ABC, CBS, and NBC round-tables.

Most can download on mobile devices or listen on the computer. Also go to “Factcheck.org”, a non-profit, non-partisan site, project of the Annenberg Center.  

Cheryl Moskal

Denver, Colo.

Previous area resident

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