I hope that your spring and start of summer has been amazing. My name is Kirk Yudes, I am the new head football coach at Ladysmith High School. I have been a part of the Ladysmith School District for the past 13 years as the band director, assistant football coach, and a variety of other positions. When the opportunity arose to be the head football coach at Ladysmith I jumped at the opportunity.

When I began coaching here in 2007 our program was something to be proud of. We were consistently finishing near the top of the Heart o’ North Conference and make the WIAA state football playoffs. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons that has not been the case as of late. My coaching staff and I are looking to change the identity of our program to one that never gives up, fights, and works harder than any other program in our area. We wish to build the Ladysmith Football program into the established winner it used to be. Unfortunately, there are numerous needs of the program in order to help us in achieving this goal.

We have a huge need for new bleachers for the field, a need to redo the game field and practice field to help ensure player safety, as well as looking at a need of purchasing more equipment such as helmets, shoulder pads, as well as jerseys for the middle school program.

Our initial sign-up of students has us approaching 50 students, but I’m anticipating being in the low 40s making for what is looking like the biggest team that we have had in sometime. With the school’s budgets shrinking and times being tough for everyone we are all asked to tighten down or look for alternate means to help raise funds for purchases. The school has graciously supported the program in purchasing new uniforms to the price of $12,500. This is no small amount and was a necessity. In order to not take away from other programs at our school we as a coaching staff have decided to reach out to ask for your help in the Ladysmith High School Football programs quest to raise funds to supplement the budget shortcomings for extra-curricular programs such as football.

This talented group of students works diligently to perform at a high level throughout the year and we are seeking to update the current equipment and facilities. The Ladysmith High School Football program requests that you examine donating to the Ladysmith High School Football to help our efforts to raise the funds for these projects.

If you are willing and able please send checks made out to Ladysmith High School Football Program in any amount to: Ladysmith High School Football, Attn: Kirk Yudes, 1700 Edgewood Ave E, Ladysmith, WI 54848

Thank you for your time and generosity in helping us return our football program and facilities to their former glory.

Kirk Yudes


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