Yesterday I was dismayed to learn that the Ladysmith School District rated very poorly in the state’s educational scorecard. Specifically, the district placed number 410 out of 419 with a score of 60.3 out of 100.

The rating was Meets Few Expectations, which I interpret as a “D”. Only 18 other districts scored in this category, meaning most schools in the state were at least a Meets Expectations; it’s a pretty low bar to reach.

This is disgraceful. What are the school board and administrators doing to address it? It would be helpful to see a detailed plan published and hold a public town hall to review it. The future of our children and community is at stake if this continues.

Also it’s worth giving a kudos to the Bruce district, which received an Exceeds Expectation with a 156 ranking and 76 score. The Flambeau district should also be acknowledged for receiving a Meets Expectations and a 68.3 score.

I look forward to hearing more about the Ladysmith district’s plan to remediate this situation, and maybe get some insights from the other districts as to how they are doing better.

Rebecca Plantz


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