With the additional time we have with the corona virus quarantine, getting out and walking is recommended as a way to revitalize one’s physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Ladysmith has wonderful city parks of various sizes and other sites along the bends of the beautiful Flambeau River. In the years since my retirement in 2011 it has been my pleasure to patronize all of them. I visit them alone so that I can make friends with the animals and plants that nature provides.

Take Falge Park for example, this was not a park when I was growing up, it was known as Corbett Lake and in the winter, sections would be shoveled off for skating, that’s about it. As I read Jerry Selvig’s obituary I realized he had a big hand in transforming it into a beautiful natural park. Thank you, Jerry.

This last year the city added a graveled walkway around the perimeter of the lake waters. This brings one closer to the abundant wildlife and is a good addition to the marsh walk.  Watching and interpreting the ways of the geese and ducks, the otters and turtles is so informative. I marvel at the way the geese raise their young ones, how they teach them, guard and protect them, warn them if danger approaches, feed them and discipline them and teach them to fly in formation…all within the space of six months as they need to be ready to migrate south before the snow flies.  

In the 80’s I would bring the non-motorized inflatable boat my brother gave me to Falge Park and fish. When I came back to Ladysmith, I discovered that while the water had receded quite a bit so no more fishing, a new option was there, that of walking the marsh boardwalk and enjoying the wildlife and birds that inhabit it. I also noted that it needed to be replaced and all the signs on posts redone.

I understand there is a plan to either rebuild the walk or replace it with a floating walk which would solve the sinking of the structure in the future. That sounds like an exciting option.  Perhaps the Wildlife Restoration Association could take a summer to build the new walk and redo the signs. I and many others look forward to being able to enjoy all the lake and marsh life during the four seasons.

Sr. Cecilia Fandel


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