We have a very important special election coming up on May 12.  Northern Wisconsin desperately needs to send someone to Congress who will fight for every resident in the 7th Congressional District. For years we have had a representative who cared more about enriching himself and pushing policies that benefit the wealthiest Americans while advocating to cut vital programs for people who need assistance to cover healthcare, food, shelter and childcare.  

It is time for a change.  Tricia Zunker is an accomplished attorney who is ready to fight for an improved quality of life for the working people who have been left behind in the American economy and in the Northwoods.  Tricia knows the struggles faced by so many and she cares deeply about families, workers, farmers, kids, and the environment.  She will fight for better funding for our schools and infrastructure such as rural broadband and good roads. She believes healthcare is a human right and that our economy should work for all Americans.  She knows that we have a duty to protect our environment for generations to come. Her opponent, Mr. Tiffany has a proven record of voting in favor of big money’s interest and will certainly create bad results for our environment and our economy. Let’s work together and make sure to get every vote in for Tricia Zunker to bring positive change to our district.

For greater community safety, why not request your absentee ballot today. Try going to myvote.wi.gov. In a few clicks your ballot will be on it’s way to your mailbox.  If you lack internet access or have any difficulty, call your clerk to make the request.  If you don’t know who your city or town clerk is follow this link- https://ruskcounty.org/communities or call the courthouse.  Deadline to request your ballot is May 7. When you get your ballot, be sure to check Tricia Zunker and send it back right away.  This Special Election is our chance to get Northern Wisconsin back on track- Let’s do this TOGETHER! Vote for Tricia Zunker.

Chrysa Ostenso


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