It’s being said more and more that a person cannot be a Democrat and a Christian.  Judging by the current (and former) crop of Democrat presidential candidates and currant Democrat legislators who are trying to impeach President Trump it would seem that statement might be true.

Today’s crop of radical Democrats fully support the evils of abortion and any sexual deviancy outside the bounds of biblical marriage and God created sexuality.  One thing the Democrats have never been able to do is use the Bible to justify their Godless agendas while at the same time claiming to be Christian.  The Democrat agenda and Christianity are like oil and water — they do not mix — one rejects the other.

It is the Democrats who have thrown open our boarders to unveted illegals.  It is the Democrats who have embraced the fundamental teachings of Islam that run contrary to God and the principals of American traditionalism.  Need proof?  We now have two radical Islamic Democrats in Congress  -  Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.  You can be sure more will be coming.  Sadly, they have the support of their anti American Democrat cohorts.

It seems that the Democratic agenda is to destroy America. Sadly, in all likelihood they will do just that with the help of apathetic uneducated voters who have lost sight of the value of what made America great. What America has in President Trump is a final breath of fresh air as the S.S. America slowly goes under.

Rick  Ghyselinck


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