I was surprised to see him again. So I asked why does a Neanderthal approach and talk with me? He admitted most of his species only goal is to survive, but he sometimes likes to try to change things.

My next question was how did he learn our language and culture.

Quite easily, he said. Your domestication of dogs sometimes presented a bit of a problem, but it is easy to carry a treat and even to learn the dog’s name. He added, your yard lights only illuminate one or two sides of your houses, and it is easy to hear your radios, TVs or an occasional conversation through the windows or in earlier times when you sat and talked around the campfire.

“Why reveal yourself to me and not the rest of the neighborhood?” I asked.

“Couple of reasons,” says he smiling. “A few of you are odd enough that the rest of you won’t believe or pay much attention to what you claim you saw. But as far as me talking to anyone else. Fear. Think about the way you guys treat anyone who is a little different — the natives or African Americans — a lot of you wish they didn’t even exist. A lot of places all you have to do is be born on the wrong side of the river or speak a little differently and it is a wall or even a war. Arabs and Europeans, Americans and Russians are a lot less different than me and your neighbors.

“Huh, here you are talking to me”

“Yah, even I get desperate at times. I guess it boils down to you hanging onto your habits. Right now you are probably seriously wondering if the rain, flooding and tornadoes will ever end. You call it climate change, but pretty soon you will be in your car or truck or riding your lawn mower or 4-wheeler. Those things, the 4-wheelers, are no good for anything but making more noise and mud. Almost none of you raise your own food anymore. Not many family gardens, cows, goats or backyard chickens. Just big trucks, hauling your food around. I guess you are too busy with TVs and computers to feed yourselves.

You used to have crocks and canning jars, now just big Waste Management trucks hauling the plastic away, except it really never goes away and you know that.

Can’t the semi trailers haul reusable glass containers back to the canning factories and warehouses instead of going back empty?

Another thing, you have got campers driving hundreds of miles to sit under these trees by this lake when I know there are trees and lakes where you come from. Do Florida bass taste better if you drive from Canada? Must be Canadian walleyes are better if you drive from Florida. Only good thing about your trucks and recreational vehicles is they kill about 10 percent of you directly and many of the rest of you through heart attacks, strokes and cancers. Now, you will agree with me but none of you will change your habits.

“Right now I am walking (remember walking) to the creek to catch some fish, any kind of fish,” he kind of grumbled.

I have to admit the disgust in his voice finally got to me. Well here is a change for you. This time try cooking those fish to see if they taste better.

Dog-gone guy, questioning the way we do things. We are Americans, the strongest country in the world. What is more important our shopping and vacations or the stupid polar bears?

These people from Miami can move to higher ground and we can change the name of Glacier National Park if we have to. There are a couple of changes for him.

What a waste of time talking to that backwards son-of-a-gun. Besides I had to get back to the TV news to see if our relationship with China, Iran, Syria or Venezuela had got us any closer to a real big war.

Larry Krajewski


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