On April 17, 2019, the Bloomer Advance published an article called (Council Agrees to Negotiate on Items in Initial Offer). That information should shed some more light on how the City of Bloomer seems to have double standards. Apparently the City of Bloomer has issues interpitating contracts.  The Schuellers have a clear contract showing that the City of Bloomer is responsible for the sewer lateral and the City of Bloomer refuses to pay their share of the sewer installation all they can do is print lies and try to convince the citizens of Bloomer otherwise.  Attorney Gustafson said the city has a different interpretation and as of today they haven’t given the Schuellers, WEAU or Bloomer Advance or anyone else for that matter their interpretation of the contract, or has anyone received an answer of how the city helped with the easement and keeping costs down for the lateral, it seems facts speak for themselves.   But when the City of Bloomer has a signed contract by A-1, and A-1 says that is not how they intended it and stated they never read the contract, the city council approves to give A-1 $20,000 more even though the city and A-1 both have a signed contract which includes everything, and Attorney Gustafson also stated that the signed offer to purchase is an enforceable contract, but he will let it up to the city (COUNCIL) on how they would like to enforce it.  Do you think paying an extra $20,000 would take care of it?

 Alderman Jones asked what’s fair to the taxpayers.  Fifty percent off would be $16,500.  WHAT, Wait a minute how about honoring the contract and saving the taxpayers $20,000. If the city has such a good working relationship with A-1 the council wouldn’t of felt obligated to pay the $20,000 in fear of ruining their good working relationship.  Remember it was included in the contract.  It seems like the City of Bloomer taxpayers are being taken advantage of.    Competition is good for everyone it keeps prices reasonable for everyone and it would have likely prevented the city to feel obligated to pay $20,000 to supposedly save a good working relationship.  It shouldn’t take a farmer to know it’s not smart or a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket no matter how close the eggs are together.

We also would like to compliment Alderman Meinen for knowing that this situation with A-1 was not right and voting against the motion to pay A-1 an extra $20,000.

Unlike the city we are not afraid to stand behind our names and our documentation, but we do DISAGREE with the City of Bloomer’s double standards.

Helen and Vince Schueller


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