“Elections have consequences,” said Attorney General William Barr, while recently addressing a Conservative audience.  He was referring to the Presidency of Donald Trump and what Barr claims is the unwillingness of the Democrats to accept the changes, the reversals, the Trump administration has instituted since being empowered by the electorate.

Mr. Barr should apply the same lesson to himself and his own Party, who, with tooth and nail, are resisting the outcome of the midterm election, when voters chose to have Democratic oversight of the Trump administration.

Should he not, as well, chide the Republicans for the obstructionist position they took during the previous, two-term Obama administration, culminating in Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s refusal to act upon President Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to fill a seat on the Supreme Court?

Furthermore, the Democratic outcry since Day One of the Trump administration was not born from their refusal to accept the Electoral College count that favored their opponent.  It came from their deep-seated and valid conviction that Donald Trump is thoroughly unethical and contemptuous of the law, a charge that is amassing evidence in today’s Impeachment Enquiry.

We needn’t be told that “elections have consequences.”  That lesson is being played out in front of our eyes and the eyes of the world.

Michael Doran


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