Perhaps Mr. Ghyselinck would be advised to actually study the bible he so confidently interprets.

The beginning of his second sentence “Judging…” says it all. It was the judgmental attitude of the Scribes and Pharisees (religious leaders) that Jesus was more vehemently against than anything else. He welcomed the stranger; he healed the sick and fed the poor. Most important of all, he forgives the sinner. Then he told his followers to do the same. Pretty sure he never told his followers to “judge” anyone.

Mr. Ghyselinck’s slander against two duly elected congresswomen is something to behold. Does he know them? Has he heard their personal stories? All that matters in our constitutional government is that they took an oath to defend the constitution of the United States of America, not the bible. Many of us still believe in the “separation of church and state”. You are free, Mr. Ghyselinck, to practice any religion in any way you want, thanks to our wonderful constitution. You do not, however, get to tell anyone else how to practice their religion or what religion they should have, if any at all. That is what really makes America great.

When do you think America was great? Was it when we had slavery? Was it segregation? Was it the Japanese internment? Was it McCarthy with his campaign to malign, without evidence, people he didn’t like or approve of? Was it when the ultra-rich “Robber Barons” exploited workers and monopolized one industry after another? Was it the great depression, caused in part by income inequality, low wages and struggling farmers? Maybe it was when women were second class citizens and couldn’t vote.

One thing I will agree with Mr. Ghyselinck about is that there are many uneducated, apathetic voters. If the agenda you are promoting is what we want, so be it. Otherwise, I would suggest people who value freedom still make sure their voice is registered at the ballot box.

If “SS America” goes under it will more likely be because of the putrid, corrupt breath of wannabe dictator/strong-man, Donald Trump.

Anita Dearhamer


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