From the largest newspaper in Rusk County was a letter from a very troubled long time resident of the county, and many years as a citizen of the Town of Atlanta, Rusk County, State of Wisconsin, USA.

Such a troublesome occurrence with the great Sasquatch that I would like to ease his concern somewhat. The research shows, has been proven that Sasquatch is a hermaphrodite, so no one should be expecting to be manhandled by the creature. Also Sasquatch is a vegetarian which has been noted by the stomach contents. With the absence of legumes this year, you may believe that Sasquatch will be skinned down.

I believe Larry has overly concerned himself with the presence of this creature. It is vitally important that we adopt, and learn to live with all creatures, even though, at times we question their honesty on five deferments of Bone Spur Incidents.

In our neck of the woods, the Southern Central part of Rusk County, a place we refer to as God’s Country, which has never been disputed by anyone. We have taken it upon ourselves to enlist the services of Sasquatch. By venturing into the woods, on a firewood cutting spree. Locate the area that thinning, leave the saw and axe, and return home, to the life of relaxation.

Return a few days later with treats of cupcakes and sweet breads as a Thank You. Load the wood on the trailer, being sure to relocate the saw and ax to a new area to be cut and split for furnace use. Give the Sasquatch three days to complete his task of producing clean burning, environmentally friendly split, seasoned firewood for the warmth it provides in the shelter, we have chosen to call home.

I trust that Larry will read this, and possibly change his view of these somewhat cloudy occurrences. I wish you well Larry, and I sincerely hope that this letter by chance, may assist, and settle your mind of these confrontations.

Paul Schweigert


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