It should be obvious to anyone with eyes even half open that the serial liar occupying our nation’s highest office and his crime ridden cronies are defiling, dismantling and desecrating our Bill of Rights and out Constitution.

The damage being done to our standing in the world community, to our nation’s moral compass, to justice for all, to our environment, to workers’ rights, to wealth equity, to our vision of what this great nation really stands for, all will be hard to repair.

In spite of this, the salivating throngs of the Trump cult at his rallies call for “four more years!” Four more months and truth will have gone from the endangered species list to extinct. What is in morally and ethically corrupt leaders that appeals to “some” people?

Take a look at who, among all the leaders of current world leaders, our president cozies up to. We don’t have to go back very far to see the complete and senseless damage that was done at the hands of a few corrupt autocratic leaders. The people that followed them still live with deep regrets and question how they could have let that happen.

We need leaders who strive to bring out the best in “We the People,” not one who panders to the most base of our primitive instincts.

Roger Steffen


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