I have concerns that the chaos surrounding the election of Joe Biden as the President of the United States continues.

What is lost in promoting the falsehoods created by hired “influencers” is that we are not talking about what we in our community share as common goals. Do we want health care available for all? Can we find ways to address changes in climate that affect weather extremes like floods, droughts, tornadoes, hurricanes, deep freezes and more? Diseases known in the tropics are moving into cooler regions.

Before we can act on our goals we must agree there is a problem.

I understand many in Arizona resent being fed misinformation regarding voter data and fraud only to have “corrections” offered later. I share a few sentences from a recent Pioneer Press article by Charles M. Blow.

There are two ways to win an election: Convince enough voters you are best suited for the job or rid the electorate of as many people who would vote against you as possible. Do we need to debate this choice? I hope to vote for the better candidate and not find it harder to exercise this right.

Janet Kurz


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