My grandfather Jack Louis Warns was in WWI, and the stories he told me as a child about what he saw and never has seen before woke him up to the world in 1917 in Germany.

He was a cook and a front-line fighter and one goal was to shoot down bi-planes. He did and made a cane from a piece of wood that connected the two wings.

The main goal was to stay away from the gas the Germans put out on you. He told me one delightful thing was the day he found a farm and a chicken thus giving him an egg to eat. He had to work on the farm in Germany to get it though. He said when he ate the egg he was back in Owen, Wisconsin.

Then he spoke of the flu overseas and the deaths of many of his friends. If grandpa could see the world today and its COVID-19 effects. One has to only wonder how many types of wars does the world need to fight to become healthy and live peacefully.

Mark Warns

Eau Claire

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