Yesterday I received a piece of trash in the mail. It was a flyer that claimed that Tom Tiffany hasn’t paid taxes for a number of years. Another lie!

Unfortunately I’ve heard my share of lies lately. We all have. Tom Tiffany is THE conservative in the race. And he’s paid all the taxes he’s ever owed. He does not owe any taxes! We are so fortunate to have a candidate that is truly concerned with our problems. He has made many positive changes for us in Madison. Rural Wisconsin has benefited from Tom’s actions, from rural broadband grants to easing of property rights restrictions, etc. But if you’ve been following his record you already know that. Unfortunately lies and insinuations often work. I sincerely hope they don’t this time.

Tom will be our voice in Washington. He will fight for us and not be influenced by all the swamp in the federal government. He’s one of us. He will stand with President Trump to keep America great.

Ginny Strobl


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