In reading the comments in the Ladysmith News recently, I was very disappointed to see so many which were negative, expressed over the up coming decision on the City Council’s part in considering filling the position of City Administrator. It might be good to consider some of the following. No one has anything to do with what state they are born in nor are they responsible for what their last name might be, so in going forward with a position of employment that they might be sincerely interested in applying for, only that person’s qualifications, interest and experience should be the deciding factors.

In Alan Christianson’s case, I have seen first hand how his positive attitude and drive to succeed as Mayor has had an excellent impact on the City overall. I have also worked with him in his position of Main Street Director and seen his enthusiasm and ability to get the job done to better the downtown area aesthetics and improve businesses. In the past 25 years I have been involved in many meetings from the Council to Tourism to the Chamber when the conversation has centered around not only how can we grow our population and create more and better paying jobs, but just as important as to “how can we keep our young people here in our community and interested in volunteering and giving back?” Alan has had success in bringing younger people to the forefront to participate and run for elected positions and has put new people on decision making committees with a diversity of backgrounds and ideas. He has used social media better than any previous mayor to inform the public about needed and upcoming road improvements, community and small business events and challenges to our area.

Here, I believe, we have a young person who is interested in doing exactly that! Staying here and working to improve our economic status, grow our numbers, bring new and innovative jobs to the table and get additional people to participate in using whatever talents they have to share for the welfare of all. Yes, a process must follow to seek out the best qualified individual for the position, but I certainly don’t think that a person’s surname should enter into the decision making process. Best of luck, Alan, in whatever way you can continue to serve!

Sue Moore


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