I received a surprise in the mail on Friday from Sasquatch.

Although it is too early in the year to survive foraging in northern Wisconsin, Sasquatch has not forgotten the people of Rusk County. That is why he sent the letter to urge all residents of this area to get vaccinated.

He thought it was a no-brainer but then he learned an amazing 47 percent of Trump supporters are opposed to getting the COVID-19 vaccination.

He wonders in the letter how much of a threat small pox and polio would be if we still had a neanderthal fear of, or at least confusion with, vaccinations.

So, realizing that some are misinformed about things like stolen elections and gene changing vaccinations, Sasquatch is attempting to change public opinion by means of the Ladysmith News. He says, “Get vaccinated.”

What next, he wonders. Voter suppression? Half of working Americans living under the poverty level? Abortion? Unaffordable health care? A liberal misinformation conspiracy.

Will Sasquatch be back? I do know when he travels he social distances. Masking? I don’t know, but visualizing it is amusing.

Where he gets vaccinated? I’ll ask.


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