My, oh my.  This issue, Feb 19, has interesting news about how people think in Rusk County. The first is a rejection of living in a sanctuary city.  Why should we risk offending Trump by giving help (no charge) to those strange people who come to us for help in living in our area——even though they have no other safe place to go and do not have official permission to be here.  Who is the official to deny their right?  Who gave him that right?  You?  Who does the land really belong to?  Only God.  We use it when we are born and leave it when we die.  Why can’t we share that use with others?  Are our needs, selfishly, greater than theirs?

The next need for arms to protect us from someone else using the land.  Not with rifles, which the Constitution was writing about, but with guns with mass destructive powers.  We need those. And we have the right to use them.  The Constitution says so. (No it  doesn’t, it only legalizes a well regulated militia). One can never know when a sudden immigrant army might arise.  That is what certain members of the legislature want, gun and more guns.

The next was a bill in Legislature to vindicate Trump from exonerating an impeachment. “No evidence of wrongdoing”?  No evidence because of the partisan ignoring, denying and shut down of evidence.  Congress has the right to supervise the activities of the President (otherwise we would have a king).  That power was nakedly used to keep HIM in power because he is so good for the country, according to his acolytes.

Ruth Ralston


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