Recently it was Trump’s remarks about the military and veterans as suckers and losers and it not being a good look to see a disabled veteran in a parade, next it was his admission to downplaying the pandemic but I choose to remain silent. Not any longer. His embracement of herd immunity (mentality as he calls it) is simply dereliction of duty at the highest level. Here is the math. Mayo Clinic says roughly 70% of the population would need to be infected with covid19 for herd immunity to be effective. That is roughly 212 million Americans. The current fatality rate is roughly 2.7 %, therefore the number of dead Americans approximates 6 million. This morning, on Sept. 17, he rebuked one of the most experienced and respected authorities, Dr. Redfield, and said he got it wrong on vaccine timing and the importance of wearing masks. Dr. Redfield did not get it wrong. He spoke to truth and science. Every American wishes that a vaccine that worked was available today but it is not. Dr. Redfield says hopefully early 2021. Trump simply is wrong. Many of my friends are veterans and republicans who are working hard to achieve their goals. They deserve respect and civility. However to support a draft dodger who denigrates the military, denies the severity of covid 19 when he knew of its severity in February of 2020, and to support herd mentality which is debunked by the scientific and medical community, and dismiss the importance of wearing a mask just does not add up to anything resembling leadership. Every single Democrat, disgruntled Republican, and independent is encouraged to either mail in vote or get to your polling station on November 3 and vote for Joe Biden.

Kerm Morgan


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