We should all act as if we’ve been drafted to battle Covid-19. No deferments issued. Whether able-bodied or not, every citizen should undergo basic training in the use of arms to mitigate transmission of the virus. This amounts to rigorous washing of hands, wearing facial covering when in public, and social distancing. Those who refuse to serve during this time of national emergency ought to be considered not merely irresponsible but enemies of the State.

All those who champion our Second Amendments rights to bear arms should be at the head of this citizen army, leading our mitigation forces in the charge against a virulent foe. Was not the amendment written to enable every citizen to fight as needed to protect his household and homeland? Well, Paul Revere, rides again! Alert every town that the enemy is here! Summon all to act! Only this time, the weapon we need grab is not a gun but a trusty mask. 

In 2016, when Donald Trump was running for President, he promised, were he elected, we would enter an era so renowned for winning that we would cry out, “Enough, enough.” Well, now’s come the test. Unfortunately, I’m hearing cries of “Enough, enough”, as the demands and discomfitures of a battle, just underway, are hitting home. I’m already seeing defectors turning to party, joining with the enemy.

Make no mistake. The mounting death toll from this pandemic is a count of war dead. Too many of our citizens and leaders have left the victims, our fellows, to rot on the fields, choosing to pleasure themselves, to wine and dine, to escape reality, to duck their duty. If such dereliction is despicable during a conventional war, it is no less contemptible during our present health crisis. 

Michael Doran


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