In 1969 I joined the Marines and honorably served for five years and was an officer and a helicopter pilot. Unlike Trump, who had five deferments and never ended up serving because of his phony medical excuse of bone spurs, I gladly and proudly served my country. I don’t consider myself a loser or a sucker because I believed it was my duty to join the military and serve my country. One of my close friends in the service died when the helicopter he was piloting crashed. I don’t consider my friend a sucker or loser for giving his life for his country.

Let’s examine how Trump has supported and loves the military. He has diverted $3.6 billion in military construction funds, allocated by Congress last year to pay for his vanity border wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for. Because of that, 127 military construction projects, to support housing for active military had been suspended or delayed due to the diversion of those funds.

While Trump was reportedly briefed on the Russians under Putin, secretly paying Taliban-linked fighters to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan, he has not taken any discernible action. He has had numerous conversations with Putin, but has not admonished him or ordered a stop to this practice. Trump has alienated the U.S. from its allies and is making the world less secure in pulling troops out of Germany, and dismantling NATO, making our European allies more vulnerable to Russian aggression.  

Trump does not understand why Americans treat former prisoners of war with respect. He doesn’t understand why pilots who are shot down in combat are honored by the military. He thinks that soldiers who are captured are losers. The proof in point is how he referred to former Senator John McCain and former President George H. W. Bush as a “loser” for being shot down by the Japanese as a Navy pilot in World War II. A FOX “news” reporter has even confirmed these reports to be true!

While the coward in the White House never did serve the military, in the 1990s he claimed his efforts to avoid contracting sexually transmitted diseases constituted his “personal Vietnam.” What a sham of a man, what an embarrassment to this country, the world, and most of all our brave military men and women who selflessly serve this country. Trump doesn’t deserve and certainly would never receive my vote as a former proud Marine who willingly served this country. How can anyone as a person connected to the military, or the parent of a son or daughter currently serving in the military possibly waste your vote on this reprehensible human being? That’s why I support, trust, and will vote for Joe Biden to be my next Commander in Chief!

Jim Wheeler


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