A Ladysmith woman was scheduled to appear in Rusk County Circuit Court for an arraignment on May 29 after allegedly selling a stolen vehicle while impersonating the daughter of the vehicle owner.

On March 18, Rusk County deputies received a call from a Chetek police officer regarding a silver 1997 Dodge truck that had the ignition broken out of it. According to the criminal complaint the owner was a town of Grant resident.

Two men bought the truck for a total of $800 from Kristina M. Tamaski, 29, who unknown to the men, was posing as the daughter of the vehicle’s owner, according to the criminal complaint. Tamaski claimed to be selling her father’s property because he was in prison and needed money for his canteen account.

Allegedly, the two men went to Ladysmith to look at the truck with Tamaski and Justin Siiter, 33, Ladysmith. Siiter started the truck by touching wires together. According to the criminal complaint, the two men brought the vehicle to Chetek for a new ignition to be put in. At the time of the sale, the two men received a signed vehicle title from Tamaski.

Initially Siiter advised deputies he knew nothing of the sale, but later said he believed Tamaski had permission to sell the vehicle.

According to the criminal complaint, the owner of the vehicle did not give permission for Tamaski to sell the vehicle and, prior to the sale, the title to the vehicle was in his locked home and the key in his son’s possession.

For his involvement in this incident, Siiter is facing a charge of criminal damage to property as a party to a crime and as a repeater. Siiter was issued an arrest warrant on April 3 for failing to appear for a review hearing in this matter in Rusk County Circuit Court.

Tamaski is charged in Rusk County Circuit Court with burglary of a building or dwelling as a repeater, forgery as a repeater and misdemeanor theft as a repeater. If convicted, Tamaski could receive a maximum penalty of $45,000 in fines or 28.5 years incarceration or both.

Tamaski is scheduled to appear on June 25 for a review hearing in this matter.

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