A Tony man has been charged in Rusk County Circuit Court after allegedly intimidating and threatening a school teacher.

Jeffrey A. Schley, 45, has been charged with one misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct. If convicted, he could be sentenced to a maximum of $1,000 in fines or 90 days incarceration or both.

Schley is the husband of Flambeau School District Administrator Erica Schley.

According to the criminal complaint, on Feb. 2 a Rusk County investigator followed up on a complaint to the Flambeau school board regarding a denial of school board member’s request for a special board meeting. 

In following up with the complaint, the investigator learned the incident stemmed from a teacher that Schley had allegedly gone into Flambeau School and had threatened a teacher into changing a student’s grade.

On Feb. 8 the investigator met with a school administrator regarding the incident who showed an email from Schley on Jan. 19 to the teacher that had a threatening tone and demanded a grade change. Schley had requested to immediately meet with the teacher face to face. According to the criminal complaint, Schley sent an email to the teacher where he claimed the teacher was subjective and possibly gender biased.

The criminal complaint alleges Schley, the teacher and administrator met to discuss the grade change because without it, the grade would hinder the student’s chance of being first in their class. Schley allegedly said he believed classes like Art and Physical Education were getting in the way of the student’s success.

In one class refusal to participate could result in a deduction in the grade according to the class’s rubric and video surveillance of the class reflected a refusal of participation. Schley allegedly threatened to take the incident to the school board if the grade was not changed. 

Schley is scheduled to appear in Rusk County Circuit Court on June 15 for an initial appearance hearing.

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