LadysmithNews Sports Top 10 of 2019

LadysmithNews Sports Top 10 of 2019

This year brought some memorable moments and to try and rank them all was simply one of the hardest things to do as I know I will leave something off that is deserving of the recognition. Know this that, each and every moment I catch or am able to write about is very deserving of being on this list and I thank each and every athlete and competitor for allowing me to catch the moments that fill our newspaper each and every week. I went through and broke down the moments of area competitors and it was a list that started at about 50 pictures and stories and I broke it down into these moments.

As the new year is upon us, I just want to thank each and every athlete, coach and school district for allowing me the honor of covering your athletic teams. It is truly been fun catching the moments and stories of this past 2019 sport’s season.

1. Hunt of a Lifetime

2. Matthew Marcinske finishes runner-up at State XC Meet

3. Marshfield Clinic Scholar Athletes celebrated

4. Area bikers head to Iowa

5. Ladysmith Track sends eight to State Meet

6. Bruce honors Clayton football player after tragedy

7. Rachel Lawton finishes great running career at State

8. Area wrestlers compete in Madison

9. Ethan Martin hits 1000 point mark

10. Knight’s football lose tough one to Unity, team honored with several  

      individual honors

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