Tee Away set to celebrate centennial

Tee Away set to celebrate centennial


The Tee Away took a swing to find investors to chip in when local residents sat down and came up with a plan to find 100 people that were willing to invest in the Tee A Way with 100 thousand dollars to save the course for the community and its players that has seen it turn into what it is today as they head into the 100 year anniversary this coming weekend, June 11-13. “We were truly overwhelmed by this communities support to save this golf course,” stated Rick Nash. Nash a member of the team of investors that sits just shy of 90 members to date. “There was enough involved in this venture that gave us the chance to succeed,” Nash continued.

One of the biggest moves made since the investment of the owners was the development of housing on the grounds to the west of the club house, that soon will have developer, Wayne Stoll placing two more homes on the property. “Really the ability of Jim Weisenberger’s foresight in 1974 to build west made what we do today possible,” Stoll explained.

Now more than ever though the ability of Tee A Way to maintain its beautiful atmosphere hasn’t happened without its bumps along the way. “We really want people to know that this isn’t a country club. It is a great pace to come to enjoy great conversation and a great burger or meal right here in Ladysmith, WI,” Nash went on to point out. Hemi Sabani and family, who also run the Ladysmith Family Restaurant. A new menu is now offered at the golf course.

This is a place for people of all ages! From youth to our members that are over 80, The atmosphere at Tee A Way is friendly to all,” Stoll stated.

In the 1960’s, the Tee A Way members weren’t over the ages of 60, and now the Tee A Way’s oldest member is 85 years old. “When I first started golfing, some 35 years ago, I was closest to one of the youngest members here. Now though I am one of the oldest. As a beginner back then I struggled to hit a golf ball, a baseball was no problem. What is funny now is that is the opposite,” Stoll commented.

“We really need to mention the big part that Jerry Schneider has played in introducing the Tee A Way to many people through his efforts with our weekly pool league as many people that thought we were a country club came in and were blown away by the atmosphere and service they received when they would stop after,” Nash pointed out.

The youth of Tee A Way continues to grow as well, which started with Ed Falstad taking area youth under his wing and traveling anywhere he could to get them to play golf and learn the game. Now it is Don Hanson who continues to put time into the youth of our area with free golfing on Wednesday mornings as well as offering summer school classes through the Ladysmith School summer program.

This course has seen its fair share of ups and downs, it has drastically changed throughout the years from a course that one would have to almost perfectly hit a tee shot to becoming more competitive with the physical changes made here in our own backyard. 

One hundred years is an unbelievable accomplishment in the grand scheme of things, but one things for sure is that the investors of the Tee A Way Golf Course isn’t finished yet. They are always looking for investors that want to be apart of the ownership committee and players looking to either learn or challenge themselves on their course. “There are very few sports that you can play at the age of 60 when you are rotten and still love it,” Nash last stated.

Tee A Way will open their doors and greens to all guest from June 11-13 with golf, food and music all weekend as they get set to hit the centennial mark. Many stories will be shared, great times will be had and memories will begin for the next story that will kick off the next 100 years of good fun, good eats and great times to be had at the Tee A Way Golf Course. “In the end, It is import to have fun and be fun to play with. Play with good etiquette and hit the ball and go!” Stoll concluded.




* Couples Golf event $10 entry fee 100% payback 

   Tee off between 3 and 6 - prizes at 8 p.m.



* 9 hole Golf-A-Rama scramble; $10 entry fee 100% 

   Payback; register 11 am - shotgun start  noon

* Yard games all day

* Live music by 8 Seconds 4 to 8 p.m.



* Free Kid’s skills - register at 8:30; start 9 am; prizes

* Free adult golf clinic - come between 1 - 4 p.m.

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